In 2013, TNTP decided to consolidate its network of Teaching Fellows programs under a national brand umbrella: TNTP Teaching Fellows. At the same time, it was essential to retain each program’s “local flavor.” The result: a new TNTPTeachingFellows.org identity and website.

As the primary platform to recruit Teaching Fellows candidates, a key priority was distinguishing the program from the field of organizations competing for the same talent, including traditional universities and alternate route programs like Teach For America. We approached this challenge by building our brand around a central premise: We don’t train teachers — we train GREAT teachers.

Our campaign, “What Will You Teach?” highlighted the power of amazing teaching and the fullness of its impact, emphasizing that our training would prepare teachers to put children on a path to academic success while also equipping them with key skills for success in life: resilience, curiosity, creativity, pride.

We built a unique, but aligned brand identity for each of our local programs, retaining the equity in their existing names and logos, but drawing on the overarching strategy to convey that they were all part of the family.


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