In 2016, I led a comprehensive rebrand at New Leaders. This encompassed development of the brand strategy, producing a new suite of marketing collateral, and overseeing development of a new website:

New Leaders got its start recruiting principals to work in America’s highest-need schools in 2000. Today, the organization trains education leaders at every level — from teachers up to superintendents. The rebrand was intended to catch New Leaders’ reputation up with its current scope of work, while conveying the vital impact of school leadership.

We anchored the brand strategy in a new tagline, “Leadership Changes Everything,” which enabled us to highlight compelling alumni stories that showcase how strong school leaders elevate teaching, accelerate learning, and build brighter futures for students. Those stories featured prominently on the new website and in print collateral. We also created a living library of alumni profiles representing the full range of programs New Leaders operates and the many cities in which the organization works. Each profile stands on its own, but together, they show the wide-ranging influence of a great school leader.

Another key component of the rebrand was development of a 200+ slide “master deck” intended to make it easy for staff members to build compelling, brand-aligned presentations. It took me just a few minutes to create this sample presentation to pitch the Emerging Leaders program to a prospective new partner. The master deck not only saved considerable time for staff throughout the organization, but also ensured that presentations were consistently polished, professional, and included the latest program outcomes data.



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