As part of The Human Project’s recruitment strategy, we partnered with Ogilvy and Lonelyleap to produce a video series featuring everyday New Yorkers sharing their stories and their hopes about  how we can come together to build a better New York of the future.

A 90-second hero video introduces and frames the campaign.

A separate suite of 15-second videos focuses on individual stories, from a Manhattan couple whose New York pride inspires them to make their hometown better, to individuals describing challenges with issues like healthcare access, Alzheimer’s, affordable housing, income inequality, and the rising cost of living — 10 reasons why people should “Say Hello” to Human Project recruiters. The series concludes with a rousing charge from a college student and basketball player who likens this moment to the final quarter of a championship game: “If we can pull this off, they’re going to know who we are. Making New York City better is going to make everywhere better.”

Videos will be shared via social media, in community meetings, and through an immersive participant-facing microsite that will go live when the study launches.

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