One of the biggest challenges for The Human Project is persuading 10,000 New Yorkers to share a wide range of their personal data, from medical and financial records to geolocation and metadata generated from moment-to-moment as they go about their daily lives. To achieve that, we need to paint a picture of the better, brighter New York City that might be made possible through the simple act of sharing that data —  most of which is already being collected, bought, and sold without compensation or awareness.

At the same time, prospective participants are undoubtedly wary about the prospect of a data breach. To reassure them, we need to educate participants about the unprecedented steps The Human Project is taking to protect their privacy. Put simply: data security is The Human Project’s top priority, and their information would be far more secure in our database than in any other system where it is already collected and stored.

This document outlines the recruitment and enrollment strategy I devised for The Human Project and the many marketing resources I created to execute it, including the presentation template itself. It encompasses everything from the new visual and narrative identity we developed in partnership with Ogilvy to our planned print and digital advertising campaign and community outreach efforts that are already underway as we test the entire strategy in fall 2017.


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